Preparing for the Feast

Our Lenten Wednesdays program for children this year will draw us into the story of the Last Supper.   We invite children ages 3-12 to join us in the Parish Hall as we prepare for the feast!  We’ll sing, tell stories, take time to create, and take time to play.  Check out the list below to find out what we’ll be doing each Wednesday evening.   Want to lend a hand one week?  E-mail or call me at the parish office.

Adults will be in the nave learning about the Creed, and we’ll have nursery care available for children under age 3.

  • February 20:  “The Lord is my light..” / Candle-making
  • February 27:  Blessing before the feast / Baking Pretzels and praying hands 
  • March 6:  Setting the table / A plate and a cup
  • March 13:  One bread, one body / Baking the bread
  • March 20:  Following Jesus / Washing Feet

A time to take root

At Holy Family during the coming six weeks, we will recall time and again that Lent is the season “for getting ready for the Mystery of Easter.”  That is, during Lent we commit together to preparing our hearts and minds, our souls and bodies to receive the gifts of new life that God brings us in Jesus.

I often hear that it takes 30 days (or 21, or 28, or 66 days) to form a habit.  Sometimes I think of Lent (which literally means ‘spring’) as a time during which we shield new, fragile habits in order to help them take root.  Perhaps Lent is a time in your family might choose one habit to practice carefully, with an aim toward allowing that habit to grow firmly rooted as we arrive in the Easter season.

Some habits to consider taking up?

The internet is rife with them of course, but here are a few suggestions to get you dreaming…

  • Reading scripture together.  Consider choosing a different passage (a parable, the beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer)  to read daily during each week of Lent.  Lent is a wonderful time to put a beloved psalm or Scripture text to memory (work on it while walking, while driving, while washing dishes…)
  • Gather together favorite breakfast items to share with the Breakfast Fellowship at St. Joseph’s – Durham.  There will be a marked cooler in the CE Commons throughout Lent for donations (requested items include eggs, shredded cheese, breakfast meats, grits, butter, coffee, and tea).
  • Sing together.  Choose a hymn or two and mark these forty days as a season of praise.
  • Join in our Wednesday evening Lenten series.  Children will give special attention to the story of the Lord’s Supper each Wednesday of Lent, while adults will learn about the Creed

How will your family mark this season of Lent?