Youth Engage Hunger in Chapel Hill (or, Why We Crop Walk)

By Paul Cizek, Youth Minister

Take a moment to consider food and the lack of food.

  1. What’s your favorite food?
  2. When is the last time you were hungry for a significant period of time?  How long was it?  Could you control when you ate next?
  3. Name at least three things it’s hard to do when you’re hungry.
  4. How many kids do you think are at risk of going hungry on a daily basis in Chapel Hill/Carrboro?

Now watch this video about TABLE, a Chapel Hill/Carrboro based program that sends at risk kids home with food over the weekend (when school subsidized meals aren’t available).  TABLE is supported by Chapel Hill’s Inter-Faith Council.

  1. What caught you’re attention?
  2. How will you respond?

Consider the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Crop Walk as one way to respond to kids in need in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  On April 21 at 2:30pm, Holy Family will join in this 4 mile walk to raise awareness about local hunger and raise funds to help prevent hunger locally and abroad.  25% of funds raised stay local with Chapel Hill’s Inter-Faith Council (and this is a really important fundraiser for the IFC).  75% of the funds will go abroad through Church World Service towards refugee and disaster relief.Crop Walk

  • Will you walk in the Crop Walk?
  • Will you give money to sponsor a walker (or yourself)?
  • If you give money, how much will you give?  How much do you think your food costs each day?

As one youth once said, “Crop Walk isn’t a huge sacrifice!” And this true, but it’s a start. Let’s start here and perhaps the Spirit will lead us beyond.