Growing in friendship with God

In Sunday School and EYC, we join together to learn and remember rhythms of life with God.  We pray with and for one another.  We share feasts large and small.  We hear and respond to God’s word.  We ask hard questions.   We lift up our voices in songs of praise.  We practice giving ourselves for others.  We share our thanksgivings and concerns.  We imagine what God’s kingdom is like.  We consider how we might use our gifts for the life of the world.  In order for these rhythms of faith to lead us into deeper friendship with God, they must become rhythms of our daily life.

This year during Sunday School, children and youth of all ages will work together toward five objectives that nourish us in friendship with God:

  1. Develop a vocabulary of faith and grow familiar with the biblical narrative.
  2. Connect Scripture to experience.
  3. Grow familiar with a host of devotional practices, including daily prayer.
  4. Articulate and practice self-giving.
  5. Articulate and practice belonging to the Church.

Each week, parents will receive an e-mail with information about what’s going on in Sunday School.  These emails are sent with hopes that they can encourage you to  continue the praying, wondering, question-asking, singing, and Scripture-reading at home.  We pray that through Sunday School we grow into deeper friendship with God.  And we trust that the children and youth of our parish will grow in friendship with God outside the walls of our parish as well as within them.