Empezar la reunión

By Paul Cizek

Our mission is “to be an Episcopal Youth Community – an EYC…”  But, what does it take for us to be an EYC?  How do we go about this work together?

One thing it means that we have Family Meetings in Jr. and Sr. EYC from time to time to discuss our common life.  In years past, the Youth Commission and Youth Minister made decisions about where we’d go on our retreats and what we’d do during the Christmas party.  But today is a new day and things have changed, and we’re handing these decisions over to the Jr. and Sr. EYC Board of Directors.

The Jr. and Sr. EYC Board of Directors is comprised of Jr. and Sr. EYC youth and mentors, and is chaired by the Youth Minister.  Agendas are distributed.  Business attire is required (and supplied).  Accents or foreign language (or applying your finger to your nose) are required to speak.  We keep things orderly by means of measuring cup, big honking dictionary, or cow bell.  We vote saying “Yea” or “Nay.”  And we take minutes on colorful paper.

Ridiculous?  Perhaps, but we do good work.  And most importantly, we’re discovering together what it’s like for us to be an Episcopal Youth Community.

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