Lenten Lion

By Paul Cizek, Youth Minister

You may have heard by now that we’ve started compiling a Youth Library in the Parish House, filled with books we hope will stir up our imaginations towards Christ.  What may surprise you is that there’s more fiction on these shelves than non-fiction.  And recently both Jr. and Sr. EYC listened to an excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe that led us towards the cross of Christ.

At last [the Witch] drew near.  She stood by Aslan’s head.  Her face was working and twitching with passion, but his face looked up at the sky, still quiet, neither angry nor afraid, but a little sad.  Then, just before she gave the blow, she stooped down and said in a quivering voice,

“And now, who has won?  Fool, did you think that by all this you would save the human traitor?  Now I will kill you instead of him as our pact was and so the Deep Magic will be appeased.  But when you are dead what will prevent me from killing him as well?  And who will take him out of my hand then?  Understand that you have given me Narnia forever, you have lost your own life and you have not saved his.  In that knowledge, despair and die.”


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