Preparing for the Feast

Our Lenten Wednesdays program for children this year will draw us into the story of the Last Supper.   We invite children ages 3-12 to join us in the Parish Hall as we prepare for the feast!  We’ll sing, tell stories, take time to create, and take time to play.  Check out the list below to find out what we’ll be doing each Wednesday evening.   Want to lend a hand one week?  E-mail or call me at the parish office.

Adults will be in the nave learning about the Creed, and we’ll have nursery care available for children under age 3.

  • February 20:  “The Lord is my light..” / Candle-making
  • February 27:  Blessing before the feast / Baking Pretzels and praying hands 
  • March 6:  Setting the table / A plate and a cup
  • March 13:  One bread, one body / Baking the bread
  • March 20:  Following Jesus / Washing Feet

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